Lindsey Hanson Digital Design and Marketing

Hi. I'm Lindsey.

A Digital Designer and Marketer.

I love digital design and marketing because it gives a "face" and "personality" to businesses. It allows customers to get to know the values of a company, develop a relationship with a brand, and create an emotional bond to products and services. This is what truly grows business.

I have always been passionate about communication and the tools we use to reach an audience. I studied Communication Arts and Spanish as well as received my Master's in Instruction. Now more than ever, I believe we are part of an incredibly exciting time in which the web allows for us to interact with each other in limitless ways and break the barriers of great distances. I continue to learn how digital marketing has become essential to companies' online success by creating engaging customer interfaces that give customers the best online experiences. Now days, customers can easily and quickly move to competing companies' websites so the companies with the best customer experience will draw in the customer. Using my abilities to learn and investigate, as well as my creative talents, I have gained skills using tools on the web and graphic design techniques to create effective and innovative ideas sure to get noticed.

I work with: Innovative Techniques and Technologies, Digital Marketing and Customer-Centered Strategies, Social Media, Photoshop, HTML, and CSS.
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B.A. in Communication Arts, Spanish and M.A.I.
Passionate People Person
World Citizen
Digital Dreamer

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